Retreat front cover


notes from a virtual mountaintop retreat

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the anima

Herbal Recipe Book

notes & recipes



Feeding Miss Lilly

on feeding dogs a great, nature-inspired diet

revised edition

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The Anima Herbal Recipe Book front cover
Feeding Miss Lilly front cover

Nothing More is Needed

on caring for our animals (and ourselves)


Nothing More is Needed front cover
Preventing Colic in Horses (1999) front cover

Preventing Colic in Horses


digital reissue of book out-of-print


The Highly Sensitive Dog e-book cover

coming in late 2024

Through the Looking-Glass

a bug's-eye view of the equine gut and what it can tell us about feeding horses

Better Together

how the animals we love can inspire our creativity and transform our shared lives

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The Highly Sensitive Dog

making life easier for

these wonderful dogs


The Game

hide  seek  find  laugh

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