Better Together

how the animals we love can inspire our creativity and transform our shared lives

Christine King

Published by Anima Books, 2023

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5.5 x 8.5 in. (140 x  216 mm), 100 pages

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1. Self-help | Personal Transformation

2. Religion & Spirituality | New Thought

3.  Pets & Animal Care

In her wonderful new book, veterinarian Dr Christine King explains, with stories from her own life, how the animals we love can inspire our creativity and thereby transform our shared lives.

The key is this:

“Loving them, and being loved in return, makes us feel good — and that changes everything…"

You'll learn how in this very personal look back at her friendship with her own beloved dog, Miss Lilly, as Dr King shares her wit and wisdom with the rest of us.

Those who struggle with self-worth, anxiety, depression, or any such feelings will appreciate the honest discussion of her own struggles, which included repeated thoughts of suicide, and how she found her way with the help of her "furry soul friend."

For all that, this is a joyful book, filled with love and curiosity, warmth and humor; and it is a guidebook for creating the life you want, aided and abetted by the animals you love.

The final chapter, Better in Return, describes how our animals' lives are also made better when we are happy and tapped into our own creative genius.

About the author

Christine King is a holistic equine veterinarian who currently lives in southern Victoria (Australia). Her interests include the medical sciences (veterinary and human), complementary and alternative medicine, music, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, communication, spirituality, and the bonds we share with our animals. Better Together is her tenth book.

"I wrote this book for animal lovers everywhere. Part memoir, part instruction manual, it's the book I wish I'd read 20 years ago!"

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