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Please note: This book is primarily about how I fed my own dog, Miss Lilly. It is as much a story of our life together as it is a treatise on my philosophy and practice when it comes to feeding dogs.

There are many schools of thought on feeding dogs, ranging from 100% RMB (raw meat & bones) to 100% vegan (all plants, no animals), and from the entirely analytical (eating by numbers) to the entirely intuitive (going by feel). My approach considers each but lies somewhere in between.

As I will probably never meet your dog, I can't offer specific advice on how to feed her/him. I am simply sharing my experience of feeding Miss Lilly for the 15 years we lived together, and through the evolution in my understanding of how to feed dogs for good health.

Christine King BVSc, MANZCVS, MVetClinStud

[Australian equivalent of DVM, DipABVP, MS]

Cover photos: The Splendid Miss Tiger Lilly at 9 or 10 years of age. Many thanks to Danielle Sessler, our wonderful neighbor in Bellevue, Washington, for capturing the camera-shy Miss Lilly on film.

Thanks also to my sister, Joanne King, for her editorial assistance.

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Feeding Miss Lilly

on feeding dogs a great, nature-inspired diet

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Dr Christine King

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